Prepare a tremble! Example of the film “Sikh Neseer country”

After having left in 2008’s love movie “Sweet Dreams, Shy Kiss”, a very knowledgeable and knowledgeable director of Philosophy Pinpak Hairkaew had a chance to direct another love movie with “Lookthung Sikha Nepher”, a love story movie For every heart there is love Various love stories, taste, and also delightful, warm, smiling, soft to play songs along with country music,

as well as favorite lyrics, for example, say love, leave your heart, we wait for him to forget, love the owner, ask for a reservation in the heart, marry. So many more Which has been compiled for the era and is filled with the atmosphere of love by “Surakan Suang Ongaj” (Sukarn Sen Suang and the Pang) is a singer-songwriter with extensive experience in music.

Convey the love of many colorful performers, including capturing the best folk songs because of the famous group of stars and performers such as Krisada Sukaksaphon Clapp (Noi Wong Pru), Ben Chalamat, Bank of Thailand Sanuk Charoen (Joy The Voice1), Ploy Sorn Narin, Kanung Pimthanapicha,

Khai (Nim AF5), Guy-Chaithatwattanapanich, Rungrat Mengpanich (Mook The Voice 4), Metani Property, Look at the beauty of power, Golf – Benjapol Cheyamrung, Nun – Siraphan Watthanachinda, Na Joy-Phatcharee and many more. Who will return to the character and join the country singing in the movie screen … this Valentine
Feb. 11 in theaters